RTT & Clinical Hypnotherapy

RTT is a hybrid therapy combining the best practices and principles of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and NLP.

Rapid Transformational Therapy..the therapy that actually works... that you've been looking for:

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) works in a 30 day timeframe to heal one specific area of your life/business/Mental Health at a time (that being said there are MANY by-products and other Mental/Emotional struggles that transform as problems hold hands with problems).

The RTT / Clinical Hypnotherapy experience is 30 days of intentional healing, clearing, and growth on a subconscious, emotional, physical and energetic level. RTT is a hybrid therapy combining the best practices and principles of Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and psychotherapy. Rapid Transformational Therapy supports healing Mental Health struggles & physical ailments without the use of chemicals, in months versus years through the power of your Subconscious Mind.

The RTT experience can shift Mental Health struggles that one may think they can never recover from, have suffered for years even decades, or have tried so many other modalitiesYou found the therapy you were always looking for. 

I specialized and started my RTT/Clinical Hypnotherapy practice with Anxiety and Depression. After guiding over 1,000 sessions, I have noticed patterns and worked with various clients ranging in Mental Health struggles, therefore have confidently opened my services to beyond just anxiety and depression.

RTT can represent a significant cost and time saving due to is rapid effectiveness by working with the deepest part of your mind where the root of Mental Health struggles are, past memories to be processed, fears/doubts/worries: your subconscious mind.

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Approx $180 per hour


  • 1 hour session
  • Conscious Mind focus

RTT/Clinical Hypnotherapy

2.5 hrs, 30 days

The immersive transformative experience:

  • 15 min Alignment / Intake Call
  • 2 hour Session
  • Subconscious Mind focus
  • Clear Subconscious limiting beliefs
  • Heart, Emotional, and Energy work
  • After session: Personal Hypnosis Recording specifically curated for your Subconscious Mind to establish new neural nets and pathways to align to desired outcomes from session. Daily listening, daily healing, daily integration, daily self-care.
  • 30 min follow up call after 30 days of integration

Science and studies show we run off our Subconscious Mind 95% of the day, we want to be working with this part of our mind.



RTT is award winning therapy, because...it actually works. It changed my life and now I am honoured to support you in changing yours with a revolutionary and transformational therapy.


After your Rapid Transformational Therapy / Clinical Hypnotherapy experience you will feel:

-like you have just gone through years of therapy (power of working with your subconscious mind)

-healing, understanding, clearing of your past

-a clear and calm mind

-more present, more joy, more synchronicities

-physically lighter (releasing and letting go of what you have been physically, emotionally, and energetically unknowingly carrying around)

-more self aware and able to regulate your thoughts, emotions, and responses to life/people

-respond versus react

-a sense of freedom and ease

-confident, empowered, and trust in yourself

-safe to be authentically you

-motivated and inspired to take action in your life

-equipped with tools to self lead & self heal- subconsciously, emotionally, and energetically

-lighter, brighter, more aligned and attune to your higher self, intuition, heart, and internal guidance

-clear on your desires and Manifest with ease

*please note most Mental Health struggles require more than 1 session, the sweet spot is 2-3 sessions over a course of 3 months. Most clients opt for the deeper transformation package outlined Here:

Mental Health Package

Why it works

Why you will experience significant shifts with RTT is because it doesn’t focus on just your conscious mind (talk therapy) that you only run off 5% of your day, its subconscious work which is 95% (again, do the math :) ) and energy work - because my friends, its 2021, by now you have felt, experienced ENERGY. 

We are energy, have an energy field, can work with energy, our emotions are energy, energy work is an important part of the process and sprinkled in effectively throughout your RTT session as well as your personalized hypnosis recording that reconditions, reprograms, and re-energizes the body, subconscious mind, and energy.

Does it work online?

I only take clients online and results actually are BETTER than when I saw them in person. This is because you aren't going to a strange environment where you have never been before, you are in the comfort of your own home, where you know the sounds, the smells, its comfortable, and hypnotherapy works BEST when the client is relaxed and comfortable, which is achieved much better at home, than in a strange environment. You just need a good internet connection and video!

Try Rapid Transformational Therapy-FREE 

Experience Rapid Transformational Therapy free via a pre-recorded Group RTT session. This is not the same as a one on one RTT session but allows you to understand the process and the life-changing effects of working with your subconscious mind!

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