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Hi sweet soul, 

I am Maegan Aleece





I was divinely guided to this path as a RTT Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, healer, Spiritual guide, Manifestation coach... (all the words!) I suffered for decades, reaching a point where I didn't want to be here anymore. Not knowing there could be a different life or reality for me. I had no clue of the power of our subconscious mind, energy, heart, and the innate wisdom within our body (what either of those terms even were or how to hone on each of its power). For years (even decades), I suffered from chronic anxiety- constant stress, worry, extreme guilt, co-dependancy, narcissist abuse, living for other people, and giving away my power/energy away. I didn't know it, but it was my "normal" and I thought it was everyone's "normal." 

Hypnosis and Rapid Transformational Therapy- were the only things that REALLY pulled me out of that mental turmoil - that allowed me to transform deeply. I know what struggle feels like, I have hit rock bottom and pulling myself out of it (with the help of RTT & mentors) I am fully equipped and confident from my schooling AND life experience I serve as a guide for clients to overcome through their own struggles/battles/rock bottom and to truly live life on their own terms (dream life activated!) 

I am a powerful manifestor. I have manifested my dream life actually, and am passionate about guiding and supporting others to experience their unique expression of their dream life. I utilize Clinical Hypnotherapy, heart, and energy work to be the gateway of experiencing your dream life made manifest.


I got on a jet and flew to L.A. to train & study
under Marisa Peer


I have trained in the award winning Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) that is taking the world by storm because it delivers RESULTS and actually works. RTT is a hybrid therapy combining the best practices and principles of hypnotherapy NLP, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and psychotherapy. RTT gets to the root of subconscious limiting beliefs, imprints and wounds from childhood that are still impacting you today, generational patterns and clears these ingrained subconscious pathways and allows for new ones to be established

RTT taught me how manifesting works on a science level and the importance of the subconscious mind. I not only have personally healed from my past, I have manifested my dream life. Now I get to give this gift to others through RTT sessions and 1:1 programs (talk about finding my life's purpose!) 

My Professional Rapid Transformational Therapy listing on Marisa's website.


Bachelors Degree in Health Sciences, Rapid Transformational Therapy , Clinical Hypnotherapist, Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Reiki Level 1, Crystal Healing Certificate.

5 +years in RTT field and over 1,000 RTT sessions conducted, Entrepreneur for 8+ years, Embodiment of my teachings, lived experience, healed from past trauma and Mental Health struggles (anxiety, eating disorders, extreme sadness, co-dependancy to name a few), de-conditioned from parental & societal conditioning, hitting rock bottom to co-creating a magical "how did she do that" kind of life... my life experiences have been my greatest teachers, and as a 6/2 Projector (Human Design) it is my energetic make up to guide others as I have a gift of seeing deeply into a BEing. 

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